How to Create Light Shapes

Couldn’t find this info, there’s no such functionality yet on the Editor as well (it seems). Looking to simulate LED string lights on archviz projects. Thanks.

Hi @Francisco_Toledo,

Yes, area lights aren’t yet exposed in editor, but you can definitely use them.

You can import the required assets by going to your project settings and click Import Area Lights.


From there check this engine example on how to use them:

I’m not sure area lights are the best option to implement this. You could perhaps have a few rectangle lights - but those get expensive pretty fast. Perhaps better option would be to just have some strips of decals on the wall. Or even bake those into lightmaps?

Side note: Those Area Light options are hidden from users that don’t have the feature flag enabled for them :sweat_smile:

There are still a few kinks that we need to deal with before release them properly

Ooops, noted! :innocent:

Hey all, thanks for the infos!

@Leonidas, good to know it’s becoming available, indeed no such import on my account!

@yaustar, is this flag a sort of “beta test” user? It would be great to be part of that if possible, always pushing the limits of game engines for real estate marketing use cases for almost 10 years now.

@mvaligursky, we’ve been baking from Max+Corona for 4 years on Playcanvas. Aiming now for some real-time personalization of properties. Great lights and shaders do wonders!

you’re welcome to give this a go after the next engine release:

But this many is not cheap :slight_smile: