☑ How to continuously play sound with a delay?

I am trying to create a wind sound that continuously plays but has a random delay between each play. I am finding that it might play once or twice and then it never plays again although the console seems to think it is.

I am using something like this

this.timer -=dt;
    if (this.timer<0) {
        this.timer = Math.random()*5+7;

in an update loop for a script, the sample is less than 7 seconds long so it should be fine but I find the audio system seems to stop after a certain amount of time. I tried converting the sound to a different format i.e. ogg > wav but it made no difference.

the project can be found at

UPDATE seems to be working fine on android chrome, i am guessing its just another freaking bug in chrome experimental. i will be glad when i can just use normal chrome for development!

You can mark this as solved as the problem only effects chrome experimental as far as I can tell.
I will just loop the sound for now until main Chrome supports the Vive.

UPDATE: It only effects non-positional sound, so just leave it on positional and the sound will not get cut off