How to code car driving dynamics?

Hello, I’m thinking of making a racing game. But I have no idea how to code car driving dynamics. I looked at a few examples of projects, but I did not understand where and what they did in the syntax. The project I opened is in this link. “” How can I code to drive the car in “Car FBX” object in this project. Is there an instructional video for this?

I reviewed this project, but its coding was coded for the vehicle shown and I could not integrate it into other tools. → Link

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Hi @Onur_Ozturk! It all depends on how realistic you want to make the game. The example projects are complicated because the emphasis is on making the physics of the car as realistic as possible. If this is also your goal, you will have to find out step by step how it is built.

Hi, it is enough for the vehicle to move and the wheels to move synchronously. Is there a video on this topic?

Most videos are based on Unity and C#.

I think this is easy to achieve. Try to start with two cylinders and rotate them at the same time (with for example a tween) when a key is pressed.

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I will try. Thank you :slight_smile:

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