How to assign a group of selected entities to a template

I have a group of ‘BlockHalf’ entities that are assigned to the wrong ‘BlockFour’ template. How do I unlink these entities from the template and reassign them to another or new template? One by one doesn’t seem like an option to me.

Hi @Albertos,

I’ve found myself in the same situation needing this.

Though I think it’s not possible right now. If that’s the case it’s a valid feature request.

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The tricky part is to what would the expectation be when you ‘link’ an Entity to another Template. Should it completely replace it? Should it cater for overrides that were made?

In my case I expected it to link all entities to the same template, without updating or anything the template.

The template will override the entity and use its translation (pos/rot).

I think I expect the same as @Leonidas mentioned. Basically nothing is changed until you use the “override all” button on one of the templates. It’s not entirely clear to me what the normal exceptions are. I guess position, rotation and name?

I thought the feature request was to link to a different template?

I guess it doesn’t matter if the state of the entity hierarchy is unchanged during the linking?

Yes, my use case is this:

  • Spending some time carefully placing template instances on my level.
  • In the process realized that I don’t want this template but the other.
  • So I unlink them from the first template. But now I am unable to link them to the other template.
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Would a replace function be more suitable in this use case?

(eg for this entity, replace with template instance of X?)

Oh yeah, that would be just the same!

I just realized you can’t even change a single entity into an existing template. Why is that?

We haven’t implemented it or really thought about it

I wonder couldn’t that be done via Editor API? :thinking:
I mean just serve and store an entity’s transform data, delete the entity and instantiate the new one & apply the stored transform to it?

P.S. But yes, this would be a handy feature for level design. +1 for having it into the editor.

I’ve done it before, the trickier part would be to update references that may be referencing the old entities.