How should I see the effect of distributed loading?

I recently consulted the script on this project to achieve the effect of distributed loading
references link:PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine
my script:
but I don’t know how to check the effect
another question is
I dont konw what it means?

these green line are show all the time
what does it mean?

The code you have is do a HTTP load request per asset and it’s up to the browser and server how it handles the request. It may load 4 or more at time depending on the setup.

To really look at network requests, you should use the devtools in the browser and the network tab Inspect network activity - Chrome Developers

what does these green line mean?

That’s from the profiler right? It looks a bit odd as it should look like this


Not sure why your text is so much larger and the bars seem to misaligned to the heading that I can’t tell what’s it for in your case

The numbers look fine though

I don’t know why it’s like this, how can I tell if my project is working from these numbers

From the numbers, you can see:

  • Your FPS is at 59/60 (which is good)
  • Frame time is 16.68ms (which is good because its the same as 1/60 assuming your display is 60hz)
  • You cull and mesh sort time is 0.3 which is a less than a millisecond

What is the context for asking about distributed loading? What are you looking for?

At present, I have a lot of project assets, and I don’t want to pre-load all of them. I want to load some of them together when triggering a certain function.

I want to know if these scripts I wrote have distributed loading effect

In which case, these pages would help:

And using the network tab in devtools mentioned here will allow you track how much is being downloaded and when: How should I see the effect of distributed loading? - #2 by yaustar

thank u so much,I’ll try it