How is the effect of pavement circulation achieved?

I saw in this case a Porsche driving on a circular road
Is this a complete road surface or it’s still looped out?
Can someone please tell me how this pavement effect is achieved?

Hi @leooooooo,

I think this was posted in the forums a while ago, but I can’t seem to find it.

I’m fairly certain that’s a shader that deforms the vertices on runtime to change the road curve. I don’t have an example in mind, it could be done with the Mesh API too.

There are some examples here for the latter:

okay,I’ll try it,thx :slight_smile:

Just having a quick look at the shader the road uses (using Spector JS Chrome plugin), the road is a skinned mesh with a bunch of bones, so that’s how it gets deformed. No custom shader code for the road.

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