How does the active section on PlayCanvas work?

one of the main things you are greeted with, but kinda shrug off your shoulders is the active section in between the plays, and featured section

how does it work, this seems to be a stupid question but i dont quite understand how games get on this section, i would expect the active section to be about games that are posted updates often and that are played often, but games like Trigo Run and L2D aren’t up there even though those are some of the most active games on the platform and definatly are played more often than “puzzle box” so?

also if you could tell me How to get a game up there that would also be great.

Good point. I certainly agree with this. All sections don’t look up to date in my opinion. I also wonder if and how this is being tracked.

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Featured is manual and due an update/re-thought about what to do about it

Active is automated but I’m not sure how it decides what to be shown. I believe it to be relative to time (eg plays this week) but I don’t know how it’s controlled.

Plays is done by number of plays of all time so it’s mostly old projects there. Also due a re-thought. Should it reset per month etc.

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i think it definatly should, so people are seeing less of older projects and more fresh, new and innovative projects that they haven’t seen before :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, a lot of the really nice projects are private so we recommend you follow our twitter ( or newsletter (PlayCanvas Ltd) for this as you will see lots of the commercial projects

yeah :slight_smile: i still think those sections need updated, because i really dont think anybodies playing “flappy bird” at the moment