How do you set up a camera

quick question what do I do if the camera isn’t working and how do I fix it?

Hi @taffly ,

In order to get the best responses from this forum, could you elaborate on the issue that you’re having with your project? Are you getting any errors? Is there a particular behavior you’re trying to achieve? Can you provide a link to the project for others to take a look at?


i have no idea what’s going on but the camera i set up is non responsive

Is this just on this particular project? Are you trying to access the camera in any script?

It’s one particular project

OK, are you accessing the camera component of any entity via a script?

no it was just the camera you start with im not sure there was no target

Can you please share the project if it’s public @taffly?

hey man dont worry about it i fixed it thank you so much for the help till now:)

have a good one

@taffly perhaps it would help other community members if you shared your solution?