How do specify which uv set to use in shader chunk

Hi there,
I’ve been experimenting with shader chunks a little, I’m now trying to mix 2 different textures together but I’m wondering if there’s any way to specify which UV set to use for each texture, here is my current chunk code:

uniform vec3 material_diffuse;
uniform sampler2D texture_diffuseMap;


uniform sampler2D uTexMap1;
uniform sampler2D uTexMap2;
uniform float utest;
uniform bool multiply;


void getAlbedo() {
    dAlbedo = material_diffuse;

    #ifdef MAPTEXTURE
    vec3 TexCol1 = texture2DSRGB(uTexMap1, $UV).$CH;//$UV Affects texture scale
    vec3 TexCol2 = texture2DSRGB(uTexMap2, $UV * 50.0).$CH;//*vec3($UV.y/5.0, $UV.x/3.0, $UV.y/0.5);//$CH Affects color values
if (!multiply)
    dAlbedo = mix(TexCol1, TexCol2, utest);
        vec3 finalCol = TexCol1*TexCol2;
        dAlbedo = finalCol; 

I assume I need to do something to the $UV parameter of the texture2DSRGB but I can’t seem to get anything to work - aside from scaling the existing uv mapping.

Am I looking in the right place? Or is this a case where I need to inject the UV information into the chunk and then use that variable to specify the texture2DSRGB UVs somehow?

I’m very new to anything shader related so this might be very obvious but any help or suggestion is appreciated!

Cheers :slight_smile: