How do I use a x box controller input to move a player?

I am working on a game and I am trying to get coverage on Xbox so I can show my friends and family.
I looked in the code and there is nothing for pc.JOYSTICK_FORWARD or something like that, if you can help this would be greatly appreciated.

@Codeknight999 I think that you will have to enable this in your settings before you can use pc.JOYSTICK_FORWARD. Gamepads

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Thanks @Tirk182 that is very helpful, do you know how to upload/download a game to Xbox or do I just have to get on edge and go to

@Codeknight999 I am pretty sure you can only play your published game via Web Browser on the XBox. To actually get it to play locally there would have to be a stand alone compiled object. I currently do not know if this is even possible. The nice thing about the web browser option is that all of your work is accessible by other devices other than an XBox. This make your changes active as soon as you publish another version.

Thanks, @Tirk182. another question, On Xbox + Nintendo there are lettered keys, would it just be pc.key_A for the Xbox key, if this is true then what would I do for Nintendo.

Also, is there somewhere I can go to see the console/controller APIs?