How do i make fps games because i am dumb

i am working on rusher 3d but i can not figure out how to move and object with wasd while moving the camera to the players position and how to i move a object

I suggest you check out the playcanvas first person movement tutorial.

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no problem

You haven’t imported Ammo in that project. And you have 3 copies of the first person script instead of one. Your first person script uses Ammo to move the player.

Ammo: A 3D physics engine used by pc (PlayCanvas). Once you click import, you get around 300KB of script added to your project.

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i have ammo now but now the player falls forever instead of landing on the platform

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Did you add a static rigidbody and a collision to the platform? Also don’t forget you need to add a dynamic rigidbody and collision to the player as well.

That’s because you haven’t added a rigid body, as @DevPlex01 correctly said.
Since you’re new to PlayCanvas, I suggest you get started with this tutorial series.

Getting Started With PlayCanvas.

thank you

how do i receive mouse imput for firing guns

Check out this guide from the developer reference -

i did that but how do i position it relative to the camera and make bullets and make it shoot bullets