How do i make a store to buy guns

I wanna make it to where you can buy guns then equip them, ut not have it before you bu it for 2k gold, how do I make a money system

I use PlayFab as bagend for these. I like it but there are many others out there…

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what are those

@thebosser24, PlayFab essentially helps you store data from your game, in this case money - As for the actual selection itself, you can have the guns in a selection where each model shows when you press an arrow/‘next’ button. Then, if the player attempts to buy it, check his current store of game currency, if it is greater than or equal to the price of the gun, then add the gun to the player’s inventory, and subtract the price from his currency earned.
Furthermore, for the storage part, you could also look at indexedDB if you find PlayFab confusing -, or even localStorage -

Hope this helps!


How do i use playfab
im kinda new

PlayFab’s site has an exhaustive documentation once you sign up, and again, if you’re not comfortable using it, do check the docs I sent for indexedDB and/or localStorage.

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can you dumb it down

Use these links for indexedDB or localStorage.

Use this for PlayFab -