How do I import tutorials into my project editor?

On my tutorials project I want to import into my editor and edit to learn. How do I do that?

Hi @chuxinhao,

You can’t merge two Playcanvas project together, automatically.

What you can do is fork (create a copy) of the tutorial Playcanvas project to your account and from there you can have access to its assets/hierarchy. For assets you can download them and then upload them to your project.

For any entity from the Hierarchy you can select it and copy/paste it between projects. The only requirement here is if any entity copied over references an asset, that asset should already exist in the receiving project.

It would be great if we could easily transfer assets as well :slight_smile:

A model that is in FBX format and is a zip when I click download, how do I import it into my project and use it again?


You can’t import a model .json in the editor, for that you need the original FBX file. Usually it’s included with the project.

Find it in the assets panel, the asset name would be SoundSystem.fbx (Source property).

Download that and import the FBX.

material Can I download it?

The texture maps yes, but the materials no, you will have to recreate them in your other projects.

If that’s too big of a job, usually a good approach is to fork the tutorial project and use that as a base for your project (transfer your project files to the new copied project).

I see. Thank you