How do i DM someone?

@Gavin_Durbin Please describe the issue

i figured it out finally, i couldn’t figure out how to DM

Lol this ain’t discord :joy:

well, yes, but no

i don’t now ether i just got on here

For @ZaylieGrace_Gillespi anyone else that happens upon this thread:

Click on the profile pic of the user in the thread you and to message and then click the message button.

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By default, all new users start out at trust level 0, meaning trust has yet to be earned. These are visitors who just created an account, and are still learning the community norms and the way the community works. The abilities of new users are restricted and they cannot send personal messages.


hello this is Zaylie i wnt to tell you guys to stop posting this now or I’ll report you guys

Hello @ZaylieGrace_Gillespi! What do you mean?

it just rude for a person to bully a other person and send a pic

Are talking about this post: How do i DM someone?

yes it bullying

You wrote:

And eproasim kindly showed you how to post a DM via that picture.

well it still begin mean

In what way is it mean?

taking a pic what someone is saying it mean to me

It’s a picture of a webpage that everyone on the internet has access to. It’s not showing anything personal, nor does it say anything about you in a negative way.

can i just messge you and talk than in puplic

You can but it’s not going to be any different to what I’ve said here.

ok than u messge me first