How do i add sliding to my player

ive been working on it for the last 45 minutes and i cant seem to figure it out. what im trying to accomplish is when i hold SHIFT it slides and when i let go it stops can someone help with that please?

Hi @EhsaanAKhan,

Not sure how your project is set, but if you are using a physics based controller, take a look at the following tutorial. It includes strafing left/right, maybe you can adapt this to your sliding mechanism:

this doesnt help im making a parkour game and that fps movement wasnt good as it was sliding on it’s own think of RL when you slide in RL you go down and u move slightly faster thats what im trying to do here press SHIFT you’re height goes down to like 0.5 or half of what the player height is and u move for like 2 seconds before going up is there anyway i can do that (if u need me to explain further please ask)

You can try to reduce the friction of the players rigidbody

isnt there a script for it or something?