How can i make the camera follow a object

how can i make the camera follow a object, so basically a 3rd person perspective or can u not do that. if there is can some on give me little tips??


Take a look at this thread - [SOLVED] 3rd person Camera Follow.

Hi @Barbzz,

There are these two examples that implement a nice and easy to use 3rd person camera:
(uses legacy scripts but it’s simpler to implement)

I love the help, this will help but, how will i connect it to the player/object your controlling? im gonna try an mess around with it to try to find out on my own.

You will have to study how the sample project sets up the entity hierarchy to replicate this to your project:


And at the same time transfer and adjusts the scripts used to control the player and the camera to how it’s implemented in your project:


This requires some studying of the example code, so it isn’t just a simple entity ot script that’s transferred and can work directly.


well i know that… well i love your help on this… thank you


So, basically, you can code it so that the camera equals the player’s position minus an amount so that it stays behind the player.