☑ How can I make square particles?

Hello i’m new to playcanvas , i research particle system in recent. but i not fine a way to change particle to square. And need i coding to change shape of particle ? thank you very much.

With no texture set the particle system will by default use a circular texture, which results in the circular blob particles.

To get a square particle, you just need to upload a square texture and set it to the Color Map property of the particle system.

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Thank you very much dave ,i’m sorry my english is poor at first. And other question is why not the same as AE’s particle system that i could directly to control shape or other parameter of particle.

by the way i think PlayCanvas is so cool!

Sorry, I don’t know what AE is.

We may extend the particle system to allow you to set the shape of the particle, but at the moment you should be able to achieve most effects by using a texture on a quad.

What effect are you trying to create?

AE is “After Effect”,a video processing software of Adobe.It have a mature particle system.

Actually,I have other question that i want to create gradual change effect in model or materlal,Can playcanvas do ti this effect?

thank you very much again.