How can I make position only hierarchy?

Hello, I want to add a hierarchy to an entityto another entity, but I only want its position to change. I need to change the rotation myself. There is a delay when constantly changing positions inside the update function. How can I do that? a hierarchy that just changes its position?

It is a bit hard to understand your question. Could you, perhaps, describe some simple example of what you want to achieve? Like, what is the state before and what should be after (without using a word hierarchy). Concrete example, e.g. left hand holds a flower, there is a butterfly on the flower, and you move the flower to the right hand, it should be now at the same position as it was when left hand was holding it, etc

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When adding entity B under entity A from the hierarchy section in the editor; For all changes in object A (Angle, Size and Position), object B is changing itself. All I have to do is change the position of element B. So I only need to change the position of entity B when the position of entity A changes. When the angle and size of entity A changes, there should be no change in entity B.


I see. So you are speaking of the scene hierarchy panel in Editor. All children entities are inheriting their parent’s position/rotation/scale. That is how a hierarchy works. If you don’t want a child to be affected by a parent, then do not place it as a child. You can then use a script to check where A is and update B position to there.