How can I get the access to scene elements?

I’ve tried the option with adding of the entity element in the 3d model - Element(Text) and I also added there ui.js script where you can put the text (HTML UI). But the last task remains - transfer this text in this Elemen. It doesn’t work and I don’t understan why.

This scene is looking now as shown below:
Scene -> stand_1_07 -> Text1
Scene = Entity, stand_1_07 - Model, Text1 - Entity with the ui.js script and with the Element(Text) that needs to be change.
Now at the root of my ui.js written following:
this.entity.element.text = val; // val - the text entered by the user.
And nothing changes(((.
and at the same time
this.entity.rotate(90,90,90); it turns the text to 90 degrees.

Ideally, we want to find out how we can use an access to the model from another place ( I can’t get used to using “this” in javascript so that there will not be needed to bind the script to the model to be accessed through this).

Now I have the code this.entity.rotate (90,90,90); when I put it into a function from the root ui.js only it swears on the entity.

Can you provide an project link to where you are trying this please?

I’m solved this promlem, but I have a new…:

Thank you )