Hosted builds failing to load


Our PlayCanvas hosted builds are now failing to load, I have only just noticed this happening. I have checked this across 5 projects so far, all with the same result. Load screen shows but the loading does not progress.

Can this be investigated urgently please.


Are these project hosted on our website or your website?
Any errors in the logs? (console)
Any repro project to look at?

I just tried publishing few small and large projects and they all work fine.

Hosted on PlayCanvas. No errors or anything in the logs.

An example:

I get this when I load it

Me too (on Win10, Chrome):

Perhaps try different computer, different internet provider (phone without wifi) … maybe the issue is somewhere there

Now it is working, for a good 20 or so minutes refused to load anything. I am perplexed.

We’ll check logs to see if we can see anything on our side. Glad all is good now.

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hi @mr-jose, have you checked network tab? what exactly failed to load? please keep an eye on these issues and if it happens again check network tab, console logs, note a time and report it here.

To be clear, the network tab failed to request any resources. I simply received the initial loading screen graphic and in the case of running the app by pressing the “Play button” on the project page I got the initial loading screen graphic plus the PlayCanvas frame at the bottom of the screen.

Self-hosted projects worked fine and so did some of the projects I tested under the “Explore” section of this website.

Editor worked fine and so did the preview / launch from the editor, during this period.

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