Ho to make floating objects collider

Hi ,
I am trying to make a game on playcanvas , main idea is , Tiles are floating in horizontal direction and player is moving forward. When player land on a floating tile it get some jump for next tile.
My problem is I need to make tile as collider, so when player collides I add some jump into it. But when tiles starts moving right left, their colliders remains on the same position, they do not move along with the tile.
Is there any way to make moving object collider ?

Hello @infinityup. So let me get this straight. You have a tile entity that moves left & right. You want the player to gain more jump force when the player *jumps on that tile so the player gains more force for the next tile. The problem is that the collider you attached to the tile entity is not moving with the tile.

Thanks for replying @DevPlex01 ,
Yes that was the problem.
I found the solution by making tiles’ rigidbody as kinematic and then from script I added left right rotation.

Happy you found the solution to your problem.

Btw, how long have you been on Playcanvas?