Hierarchy suddenly blank

My hierarchy somehow became entirely blank:

There are plenty of objects in the scene, and I can access them by clicking on them directly, or by finding various references to them in my assets panel & inspector, but making any kind of changes without the hierarchy is difficult at best.

This happened after I had closed the scene and reopened it.

If I go back to a previous checkpoint, the hierarchy returns, but I’ve got a lot of changes from the previous checkpoint to the current version, and I would like to avoid having to redo all that work.

do you have any errors in the console?

upon first loading the scene, I have this in my console:

After clicking around and making some changes in the scene, I also get:

I will send you a DM

@NatalieSteffen One of our team has had a look and we think it’s from the result of a bad merge between branches. Can you confirm if this issue appeared at some point after a merge?

The Grass entity has no parent so the Editor thinks it’s the scene root. A workaround for you now is to delete the Grass entity and reload the scene.

No, I never merged any branches, though I am working with others on this project, so someone on my team may have done so.

I did attempt to delete the grass entity, but it refuses to go away. Selecting the entity, then hitting delete on my keyboard as I usually do does nothing. Right clicking it, the delete menu option is greyed out. Even the trash can at the top of the hierarchy is greyed out. I don’t know any other ways to delete it.

I’ve already reverted to a previous checkpoint & redone all the work that was lost, so it’s not a big deal for me if it doesn’t get solved.

Sorry, I’m having the typical chinese whispers problem :sweat_smile:

Select the grass entity so that it is highlighted.
Run the following code in the developer console

editor.call('entities:delete', editor.call('selector:items'));

This will delete the selected entities via the Editor command
Wait a bit for the scene JSON to be uploaded
Refresh scene

Here’s a video to show the steps

We also noticed that the scene has a high number of entities and you may start to hit a hard limit of 16MB of JSON in the scene.

There are a couple of workarounds on using Templates and/or Scenes to split up the whole world and load in parts dynamically at runtime.

Thank you for the steps! That did the trick! :smiley:

I knew the number of entities was getting to be a problem, I’ll look into loading parts dynamically at runtime.

Here’s an example with Templates in a lazy load style: https://playcanvas.com/project/692381/overview/lazy-load-with-template-proxy

It will create an instance of the Template at runtime as soon as the proxy Entity is enabled.

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I got a similar problem yesterday… :thinking: