Hi everyone, I have a question about model import


The FBX model I import in the Unity engine will have a father child hierarchy. But in PlayerCanvas, the model is missing.

This is the hierarchical relationship of the Unity import model

This is the hierarchical relationship of the PlayerCanvas import model。 It turned into one


That’s expected behaviour. The mesh instances aren’t shown in the Editor as they are not Entities. They still have that hierarchy but is only accessible via code. If you look at the children of the entity, you will see that the mesh instances are child graph nodes.

If you are looking to do things such as move/disable/enable the different mesh instances, I recommend that you separate the models.


Hello, I’d like to ask you for a moment. There are too many more than 600 models to open my model. How can we get different sub levels by code, which can provide a specific example?


If you have 600 meshes in a single ‘model’ and you want them to be individually addressable, I strongly recommend that they should be separate imports.

There’s an example here: Importing an FBX file with multiple ( and parented ) models should have the same setup in PlayCanvas