Help with 2D Collision

Hi I’m new to play canvas and was tasked to make a simple 2d game with 2 levels.

I’ve encountered an issue where my collisions that should block my character from moving has stopped working but the collisions that destroy the entity still works. However, when the the character gets to the next scene all collision don’t work anymore

Here is the link to a forked version of my game: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

And heres my script:

Hi @Oli and welcome,

How are you getting to next level?

As soon as I launch your game I’m getting this error, most likely that stops the execution of your player script:

On line 41 on your collisionScript.js you try to find a entity called scoreDisplay but that doesn’t seem to exist.

hi thanks for replying! Ive already fixed the issue!

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