Help Wanted! Developing a gameplay for a TableTennis aka Ping Pong game

Please anyone can help me with my project, I am trying to make a 3d table tennis game; and I just want a ball to bounce off the table and collide with paddles like in a table tennis game. I can move one paddle with the mouse and other can be moved via keyboard or it should be AI

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If you want to make a game, you will have to do it yourself, otherwise what’s the point of all of this?

Start by breaking down the problem bit by bit. Sounds like you have the movement handled (?) which is good.

Break down the other features/tasks and look at focus and tackling them one by one.

Can’t I ask someone to help me with ? I am learning and there is no harm in it if I ask people to help me with it. If so, I won’t ask next time :slight_smile:

Yeah steven, I have added the menu screen, the reset button, camera and table and collision settings are all set, just wanted to ask, where should I start my work regarding ball or ball physics.

You can ask anyone for help, indeed. But practically it is very unlikely anyone will be willing to coach and help to write your code for you.

For physics, read user manual and check out tutorials:
Look for tutorial projects here:

Did I ask anyone to write me a code? By the way you’re right, I need to try myself…
P.S. I just wanted to ask from where should I start the ball physics thingy :frowning:

Start learning how rigidbody and collision components work. Read about properties they have using documentation.
And experiment.

Start from very small example, and then progress further, don’t rush.

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There are two approaches:

  1. Use the physics system (not recommended for a pong game)
  2. Do the ball simulation and collision yourself

Personally I would go for option 2 as it’s is quite straightforward to do. Collision is basically a box to box collision.

There are also quite a few Pong tutorials available online that you can adopt as the logic is more or less the same.

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Thanks steven, I am surely gonna try and one more thing off the topic, how to locally run the application on server in new scripting system.

There is no local workflow for scripts 2.0.

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So is there any alternative to local workflow in scripts 2.0?

Why do you want local workflow? :slight_smile:

I want to control my paddle using mobile phone.

Sir, I first tried it in normal html/canvas. I used node.js server and moved a rectangle on a desktop browser using mobile phone. Now i want to do it with playcanvas the same thing.

Nothing stops you to code in online IDE, to hook up to your nodejs websockets in order to react to data coming from your mobile, or whatever way you did.

Do not rush, try to understand what you do, and what you dealing with, it will reduce frustration and feeling of being lost.

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