HELP breaking when loading into https ?!?!

cc: @dave

I am hosting the files for a project and it worked fine on http but our live server is https and the files are breaking.

Is there a solution?

I looked on your blog and it says that there is not a problem with HTTPS. Is this true if you host the files locally as well?

What are the errors you are getting in console when hosting on HTTPS?

Thanks for responding. I swear sometimes I think you are the only person on here who ever does. Finding the contact for support from PlayCanvas was difficult as they have no links on their site.

We were hosting all the PC files in WP and apparently there were too many requests on load being made and it timed out. The kind people at WP helped us sort it out.

I was going to say it is more likely to be a server issue/configuration issue. Glad you got it sorted.

PlayCanvas have an enterprise level support plan if you need urgent, directed support

There is also an email address on their blog if you need it.

I have the organisation plan,

At the bottom, there is a support plan add on for 1 day response:

That’s if you really need urgent support from time to time/have a few projects on the go as a company/team.

I see that. Seems silly that I need to pay extra to get support for their software. Thanks tho.

Not unusual though. Unity for example have paid pricing tiers where dedicated support is only the highest public tier. Otherwise, you are left with communities and forums/discord.

It’s more for enterprises so that they are confident the can get the support needed quicklyon an ongoing basis.

It be nice for the ORG plan to have some of sort of support attached to it (e.g email only, up to X days response time)


We’re here! We honestly try to respond to all requests as soon as possible but sometimes we can’t respond instantly. Thankfully it sounds like you got it all sorted now at your end so please let us know if you have more questions.