Help! apply force at start scene

Hi Guys, I want you to help me with something please,
I try to do something like a play game. But I can not apply a constant force to the ‘cart’ that moves it on a local axis … In the current project the “Playcanvas cube” works like the car, I plan:

  • to use the cam_Rcst offset camera to activate the left and rigth controls “ui”, to turn the car.
    -cam_raycast will move by mouse input thanks to rotate.js
    -try to use “dinamicBody.js” to put “the car in motion”, but this script has no effect
    In playcanvas cube. It also does not affect the box entity that I use as a test.
  • The “View Offset” camera will be the daughter of “playcanvas cube” and will have vr support to simulate a driving in pov …
    However, I have not managed to implement a script now to move the car “forward” Thanks for your help …
    …the link:

If you are only applying force for a frame, it’s the equivalent of ‘tapping’ an object. You need to apply force over a period of frames to ‘push’ it.

Maybe applyImpulse is more appropriate as it applies instant acceleration?