[HELP] Add assets button gone


I was working with playcanvas and at some point the “Add Asset” button disappeared and there’s a script error message on the left bottom corner of the screen. This is keeping me from adding new assets and move on with the project…

Here’s a picture showing the error:

Can someone help me with this?

PS.: This doesn’t happen in other computers
PS2.: This error happens in other browsers as well

a workaround might be collapsing the asset window and pressing ‘+’ after your pull it back up. worked for me.
good luck

Hi there,

Which browsers and OS are you experiencing the problem on?


This (on the picture) happens with Google Chrome.
When I use Internet Explorer the button is there but it’s impossible to use it.

I found out that this doesn’t happen when I use Opera

I’m using Windows 7

Looks like there might be a script error there too? Can you open the console and see what the error is?

How do I open the console?

Ctrl + Shift + J should do it. https://developer.chrome.com/devtools/docs/console

This is what I got:

That error message often means that your ad blocker has blocked some content. Presumably the https://fake.com address is coming from something you’ve added to the scene?

I tried turning adblock off and nothing happend, still get the error…
It’s odd because it was working perfectly yesterday and then this error ramdomly appeared.

I am only uploading 3D objects and textures to the project, don’t know where the https://fake.com address came from

EDIT: Nevermind, I turned off adblock in the chrome settings tab and it worked, I still get the script error in the bottom of the screen, but now I can use the add asset button again…

Thank you all for your time and help


This __fake__.com looks suspicious, although opening your scene I don’t experience it here. It might be some extensions on your browser injecting something ugly as this.

I’ve noticed you are using Sphere Map. Have you tried using Prefiltered CubeMap? Try creating CubeMap, set all 6 faces, and then hit Prefilter. Then use that on material and switch materials to Physical shader mode (at top), or set that cubemap as skybox to affect all materials.
Your demos will look way way better then.

Thank you very much for the tip, I was wondering if there was another way to get reflection other than setting it in the shader itself.