Heap Allocations and Garbage Collection

I have made a brand new blank project in playcanvas running in chrome incognito tab. I observe heap allocations in chrome inspector timeline and I see 5KB allocated per frame:

This causes (minor) gc to run every two seconds. Is this unavoidable?

We are always working towards eliminating any allocations as much as possible. For example yesterday I’ve refactored events.js to avoid allocations in 95%+ of cases by events: https://github.com/playcanvas/engine/pull/876

There are some places will do allocations unfortunately, and it is very hard to avoid them completely.
Although if you do find some unnecessary allocations, then please, share your findings, and we can look into addressing it.

Here is a screenshot of a blank project in chrome. I noticed frequent and regular minor garbage collection. Is that normal behaviour and to be expected with all PlayCanvas projects?