Having trouble with hotspots example

How to deal with this situation?Snipaste_2019-08-15_16-56-45

I use the hotspot which from official example.But how to deal with this situation when I move my camera?

Or like this

The hotspot is a 3D object so to avoid it intersecting in a model, you move it so it doesn’t. (ie move it away from the model)

:joy:Do you have any better suggestions?

You are so kind:)thx for your help all the time

What do you mean by better?

Any good ways that can control the Priority of display

So I can make sure the button display higher than model forever?

There are two main ways:

  • Have the buttons on a higher layer then the model and don’t have the material test against the depth buffer
  • Use the UI Screen and elements for the hot spots and and use a world to UI screen conversion to work out where the UI element hotspots should be (there’s a thread somewhere with examples)

Oh,I know the second way,but my try your first way it seems like not work…