Having problems with loading a mesh from an outside souce and adding it to scene

so what im trying to do here is add get the bullet entity
then add a mesh and a texture to it and after that clone it however many times the json file says to add bullets and add them to the screen then its supposed to teleport them to the right locations the script is called gunController.js and the weapons.json is here

Hi @koalastrikermi, reading through your code I can see you are calling loadFromUrl correctly to load the mesh and at the same time the texture. Normally you should call/apply the texture after the mesh has been loaded and applied to the entity, there might be a potential issue here.

Could you clarify what is your problem exactly?

ok had to re familurize myself with the code so now im looking at it and the problem is im loading the mesh and texture and its being applyed to a entity but then im trying to clone the entity and move it a little to the side so that i have two missles and im only seeing one even when ive done this

That’s a lot of code, hard to debug but given the weapons.json script, I think the problem lies somewhere in your for loop:

I imagine you expect that loop to run once, clone the initial bullet and offset its position a bit? Code is complex but seems ok, make sure everything is parented properly and all values are being read properly from the loaded JSON file.

If you are unable to resolve this, try creating a simpler sample project that aims to do that specifically. It will much easier to help you out.