Having issue with input field

Hi, hope you are fine. I need help where I’m stuck in the input field. Once I click on the input field then nothing happened and once I click again then the screen but if I launch in mobile then the placeholder will show on the top of the screen.

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Hi @HasnainX!

As far as I know PlayCanvas has no default input field component. Can you share the input field example project you are using?

I also noticed this problem with the example project I personally used and I was not able to solve this problem.

I think this is by design.

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Here is the project link you see once you click double time then screen disappear.Getting this type of issue

It looks like you use the example project of @yaustar. Maybe he knows why the first click on the input field is not working.


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Ah I see now, the word ‘disappear’ was missing in your first post.

Can you also share the editor link of your project?


here is the editor link

Did you already change something in the scripts from the example project?

nope i just copy and paste the scripts

I found out that it has to do with the rendering settings of your project. Please compare your settings with the settings of the example project. Probably some of your changes are not supported by default.

Ok let me check and update you thanks