Happy Holidays from Studio 522

This has been a year where our animation and production studio has branched out a bit into making 3D interactive presentations. PlayCanvas has been a new and integral tool for us and this forum has been extremely helpful as we’ve worked at learning this new tool. We’d like to give a special shout-out to yaustar and Leonidas and many others on this forum for their invaluable assistance.

We will be sending out links to a little interactive 3D “gift” to clients and friends tomorrow, but we figured we’d show it first to the community here. Push the buttons and use the scroll wheel and touch on your phone to play with it. Be warned that performance may not be very good on older phones.


Thanks again and Happy Holidays!!

Angel, Jay and Mike


Looking great @wturber!

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Thanks! Looks good :slight_smile:

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Great job @wturber and happy holidays!

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We figured we’d try publishing it to Google Play for grins and they just now released it. :^)


OMG, this is so awesome! I love train sets. :steam_locomotive: :heart: :smiley: You should tweet out a link to this (ideally with an MP4 preview video attached) and I’ll retweet from the PlayCanvas Twitter account.

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Love it kinda cool.

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Cool. Glad you like it. I could tweet it out - and maybe I will later today. But neither me nor the Studio curates much of a twitter following. Though we probably should.

This snow globe was inspired in part by our 2016 “Christmas Card”

OK. I did finally do a screen capture and tweet.

Cool - but you forgot to reference PlayCanvas. :smile: I’m happy to tweet something about it tho…

I guess there is no way to edit a tweet. I added a tweet referencing PlayCanvas

Feel free to add a PlayCanvas reference if you re-tweet it.

Hi Wturber - how did you deal with your snow particles ? I’m tried using the playcanvas particles but couldn’t contain them within a snowglobe shape. Tried using the wrap option but that just warped them around inside a box which looked rubbush.

Did you write your own particle class ? It’s dec 2 and so I’m running out of time to get this done :open_mouth:
ok thanks for any help you can offer !


here’s a custom particle system keeping particles inside a sphere