Halloween Jam 2013?

Hey all,

We’re thinking about doing a little something for Halloween again this year. Something along the lines of last years Scary Special

Then I thought, rather than just us doing something it might be worth running it as a 3-4 week jam. What do you think? Is anyone interested in making a short scary game/thing to be released before Oct. 31st?

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Very interested in this! Though I’m currently doing a jam at the moment that ends on the same date so may not have time :frowning: Which is annoying, as I just thought of an idea for a game I would really like to make

Which jam are you doing at the moment?

The Magical Girl Game Jam

I’d be up for making some spooky music and SFX if needed :ghost:

Unfortunately, we didn’t get time to do much this year. But we’ve updated lasts years offering.


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Which demos a little bit of the particle system which is being worked on at the moment.