Gsap with Playcanvas? is it possible to use it

I would like to use the Gsap lib as we can do in Node, or Three.js but so far I don’t get exactly how to proceed to have Gsap using an object entity ( a cube , sprite etc…) in playcanvas as it does with a picture from HTML /CSS.
Is it at least possible?
I succeed in tweening onlly values of an object that I create containing numeric values. Not with an entity…

I made a quick example here animating an entity:

OMG that was so simple :smiley:
Thanks for solving this puzzle yaustar !

What about multiple attributes?

What do you mean by multiple attributes? Such as X Y and Z at the same time?

one lil thing I’m wondering : what’s SELF stand for here?
I have to say I tryed to re-code with this.entity and have seen it does not work then.
I just would to clarify this question of the “this” or “self” usage here?

    gsap.fromTo(pos, {x: 0, y: 0.5, z: 0}, {duration: 2.5, ease: "elastic.out(1, 0.3)", y: 2, onUpdate: function() {

btw , I tryed to use this logic with a simple and it works like a charm .
Sharing it below :smiley:

   var pos = this.entity.getPosition();
    var self = this;,{duration: 2.5, ease: "elastic.out(1, 0.3)", y: 4,x:2, onUpdate: function() {

This thread and resources example the scope concept on more detail

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