Golf Hunting! - (Help me test on mobile)

Hey everyone I’m just about finished with my most recent project. Help me test it out? My phone went in so i haven’t gotten a chance to test on mobile.

Hope you like this one


Hi @Grayson_Ewing, This is great, thanks for posting. I ran the game on my android and mac both run smoothly.

Game is fun. Only suggestion I have is to make the entire scene selection image clickable, not just the button below.

Hey! The game looks great, here are a couple of issues I’ve been able to find:

Across all iOS devices, the Simulator displayed the game menu with some strange rectangles:

Image: iPhone X, iOS 13

Desktop Safari, the menu UI is broken:

Internet Explorer 11 Credits scrolling issue

Multitouch + Menu + Resume = Fire

We have started offering Quality Assurance services, ping me in private if you need help testing on more devices!


Wow, I wasn’t expecting this. @dbhvk Thank you so much for this detailed reply, I didn’t know about your services before now. Will be in contact as soon as I can! thanks again

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thanks for the input @slimbuck. Will work on making the image clickable asap

I still had fun playing it even though it wasn’t full screen on mobile :grin:

Yet, the experience can be improved :+1: