Gif instead of sprite sheets

So I had an idea and wanted to bounce this off you guys.

This may already be possible, but perhaps it could be demonstrated?

Basically, using Gifs instead of Sprite sheets as the title suggests. I imagine a gif like this:

With transparency etc.

And we could plug them in, like you do with animations except now you use gifs(their URLs or uploads)

And then within the scripts, you can call upon animations using a simple code like below.

if (notMoving !== playerInput) {'batmanIdle.gif');

if ( && notMoving) {'batmanRunningRight.gif');
  playerInput = true;
} else {
  playerInput = false;

If the code doesn’t make any sense or I wrote it weird, basically the idea I’m trying to say is if I can simply use something Like a gif to drive my animations based on the input I use in your engine.

Here is an example I found of video on texture but was curious if there was any way to use a gif instead and maintain transparency. The sprite resources you guys already have made are great, and can easily be used for the purposes I propose, was just curious if we can just straight up use gifs :slight_smile: thanks ahead of time.