Getting Error: "TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'COLOR_ATTACHMENT0_WEBGL')" when trying to run a recently created build from a mobile device

Hello Guys,
I got an error today when trying to build a project for mobile it is working fine on desktop, I was not getting this error a few days ago so maybe something changed on Chrome or on PlayCanvas build process?

I uploaded the build here:
I works fine on desktop but it shows that error on mobile, it shows the error too if I run the launch link from a mobile device.
I am not sure what could it be, as I said everything was working fine a few days ago, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I managed to fixed it by selecting an older version of the engine:

Still I am pretty worried because I am sure that version will get deprecated soon, so I would like to know how the new versions of the engine cause this issue.

Hi @MartinPlascencia ,

Thanks so much for providing the repro. Which mobile device is failing?

This is definitely concerning, we’ll investigate on Monday.


Hello @slimbuck,
I have an Android device to be more specific a Galaxy S20+ with Android 12 but I guess it happens on all Androids, not sure if it happens on iOS too.

This issue was caused by the new “multi render target” support we recently added to the engine.

The fix is in which we’ll hopefully release in the next few days.

Apologies again for the trouble!

Thank you very much for the support @slimbuck.

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