Games packaged as iOS or Android apps?

Has anyone collected a list of games and projects that are packaged as iOS or Android apps? Using something like React Native or other wrappers.

Can anyone collect a list of apps in the App Store that are heavily PlayCanvas based?

Positioning PlayCanvas as a HTML5-only limits the use and market for it. Why not positioning PlayCanvas as a cool generic game engine?

Unfortunately, we don’t keep track of published apps unless the developer publicly announces it somewhere. I know a few people have done this (Adding as an option for mobile publishing in docs)

This is something that I have been thinking about on and off and would like to see if there are frameworks that can give as close to native performance as possible. (Mobile, desktop etc)

The other issue is that out of the box, we can’t integrate any mobile purchases flows and the developers have to rely on the wrapper framework to do so (which we don’t provide).

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@Guz, goNative certainly works, but you could even look at doing something like a Web View in Android(not developed apps for iOS, but there should be an equivalent) to achieve the same.

Sounds like a great potential for a new ecosystem of add-ons for various wrapper framework to handle mobile purchases flows and such.