Game crashing on startup in android webview

Hi we experiencing crashes in some android device. Our game is hosted in aws s3 and we are loading it in the web view inside our android app. The total build size that is exported from playcanvas editor is 98mb.
So the issue is out game is crashing in these android devices on start up - vivo y50, mota g7, samsung a8, samsung galaxy a10. These are the devices that we know so there might me more devices in which the game might crash.
The game does not crash eveytime - some time it works fine, some time it crashes just after loading, some time only audio is playing and screen is blank.
I have reduced the build size to 47mb but the game is still crashing in the above pattern.
The game we are building contains lot of images - total of aroung 125 with varing size from 100kb to 2mb.

I am attaching the log file for crash.

Sometime we are getting - Webview renderer is crashed

It’s odd that they work sometimes and not others.

Can you check if the device supports WebGL 2 please ? WebGL Report

Also, how much VRAM and memory are you using?

My initial gut feeling is that you are running out of VRAM which is why it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.

At a guess, the game won’t load on older iOS devices as well in Safari

Can you tell me how can i check the v ram usage?
I also thought that we are running out of memory - but can you give any approximation about the memory consumption with we should target?

I haven’t checked on ios devices because our current target is to release on android.

Let me get back after checking device supports WebGL 2.

Open the launch tab on desktop and press Alt + T to open the profiler

Scroll down till you find VRAM usage

As low as possible to reach as many devices as possible. It’s impossible to know what the limits are from the browser end which makes this different and it changes based on what apps are open on the device.

I’ve seen numbers of 150MB floating around by other devs.

one of the logs you posted seems to confirm out of memory issue
Screenshot 2023-01-12 at 11.48.20