Game Announcement: MEGOPOLY

Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to anounce the Release of our game - MEGOPOLY, which was made using the playcanvas editor. We’ve been working on the game the past couple years. I think you’ll be pleasantly suprised by it. It’s amazing what you can do with this engine.
Megopoly is a multiplayer board/strategy game where you travel around on a path inside of a mini-city known as a District. The idea is to invest in properties and collect rent from other players that land on them, so you can earn more, and so you can grow your real estate empire.
It’s a free game, it’s played right in your browser, and you can come and leave as you like, anytime.
The best part though is that you can take your in-game earnings, and exchange them for amazon gift codes. So if you get some time - have a look.
I’m the creative director on the project - responsible for all the art you see in it.

To play- simply create an account at Https://
by clicking “Play now”
Nothing to download, no app to install, plays on pc, tablets and phones
No credit card required, no catch. Just create a username and password and begin playing.

Have fun, and thanks for looking!