Fps game problems

Hello, my name is aidan. I am going to make a medieval-style fps game called castletrail. I have tried following the 1st person character tutorial but when i get into my game it is just a black screen.
here is my game: https://playcanvas.com/project/423242/overview/castletrail
if you can help me then i might give you access to my game.

The first thing to do when something’s not working is to consult the JavaScript console in the browser when running the app from the Editor. Here’s what I see:

Whoah! Error alert! It looks like your scrips aren’t loading. It appears that you’ve created a new project, which uses the new scripting system in PlayCanvas. But you’ve copied in scripts of the old format (from an old project). The new scripts look like this:


I would recommend using the updated FPS tutorial project with the new script format:


Finally, your cubemap is using faces which are not square in resolution. The image is 256x128. You need the image to be the same dimension in both width and height if you’re going to use it to build a cubemap.

Thanks, i am going to make the changes to my game.

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