FPS Game Collaboration

I am taking a large portion of my time and spending a lot of dedication to this FPS shooter, if you are interested, private comment me ore comment below.

Im also trying to make an fps

But I dont know how to script the gun

If you have the script can you copy and paste it here?


I am making a real-time multiplayer shooter, with all the common FPS features, it will be able to be run on browser, and the team will get special in game items! If you are interested or need more info comment down below.

Hi @Gavin_Durbin, good luck with that! This is the 2nd post for Gamer’s Team FPS on the collaboration category.

Please avoid opening a new topic for the same thing!

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Is there a way to bring back a post after a while, so people see it more?

If you reply to it, it gets on top when viewing the Latest page.

Though avoid bumping it very frequently, make sure adequate time has passed.