Font issues on ipad air

Hi,guys,I am facing a problem,the font doesn’t show correctly on ipad air but seems fine on other ios devices,does anyone have the similar problem?can somebody give me some advice?

Hi @FBplus,

That’s strange, there shouldn’t be any iPad specific render issue. Do you have a build url to give it a try on my iPad as well?

Yes indeed,I’ve never had this problem before :joy:
test url:

How do we get to the part that doesn’t render the font correctly?

@yaustar In fact,all the font on that device has the same issue so I just post one part of them

Just to confirm that this screen would also look wrong on the iPad Air?

Sorry,I can not confirm yet since I don’t have an ipad air to test.this problem is found by one of our customers,and he has came off work :joy:I will post as far as he replys.

Seems to be working fine on an iPad 2020:

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@Leonidas @yaustar It seems it has something to do with the font color?but why? :joy:

and this is my text settings:

Not sure off hand, does it have an outline or shadow on the text? Is it possible to create smaller reproducible project for us to take a look at?