Five Reel Slot Machine

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to share a five reel slot machine we’ve been working on:

As mentioned in the description, some elements are not in yet, such as the paytable, sound effects/music, and some environmental animations and overall polish, as well as a couple of bug fixes - but otherwise it is fully functional! The name of the game is a working title.

Will post updates when we have them. Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Nice one! It is definitely playable, and will be good example of 3D slot machine game :slight_smile:

As you’ve mentioned, some polish will come, here are some tips I’ve noticed:

  1. Some images are overly large comparing to actual size they are rendered in, you can save fair amount of data by optimizing them.
  2. Everything look fairly “plain”, I think by bringing some saturation to game will make it more “playful”.
  3. Particles and camera movement to highlight certain actions in game will make it more enjoyable.
  4. Step by step guide how to play game - will help people not familiar with genre.
  5. 5.2mb - is good! But it can be playable from 2mb for sure, this will improve on-boarding experience.
  6. You could use PBR (physically based rendering) technique on slot items, to make them look dynamic and with depth, and perhaps add some animation to them, to make scene to look more dynamic.
  7. It feels like a very long spin, would be nice to either be able to initiate stopping spin earlier or make it shorter. Once played for few mins, waiting for very long between spins, is just gets boring.

Otherwise cool stuff guys! It’s very nice to see new games being made with PlayCanvas!

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Hi Max,

Thanks so much for the quick feedback! We’ll definitely look into what you posted. As far as everything looking plain, that’s definitely something we will be overhauling as we develop things further. We’re working on some things like moving clouds in the background, butterflies flying around, that kind of thing.

This machine is more of a template that will allow us to build different varieties. We are also working on an Alice in Wonderland slot machine using the same engine.

Thanks again!

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Hi all,

Just updated the slot machine project:

Long story short, added moving clouds, animated butterflies, and a coin rain particle effect on big wins, as well as some minor bug fixes.

I’m getting some weird behaviour testing on my iPhone 5 though, in Safari and Chrome. It runs with a low frame rate and I got an error that said:

Framebuffer error (framebuffer unsupported)

I can’t reproduce again the error so not sure how I triggered it, but curious as to what the frame rate issue might be. Will try to disable some animations and see if that improves things on that platform.

EDIT: I guess I got the error when running the project using the editor link so I’m able to reproduce it now.



hi fizzy can u help me for making menu to my project?

UII Tutorial

thanks in advance :grin:

Hi fairufy,

Check out this thread, it explains how to build a UI:

If you look at Will’s reply, he outlines exactly what you need. I used 2D sprites for my buttons, so you need to use the sprite.js code that he links to. Also, I used bitmap fonts which is also linked there.

Hopefully this helps!

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thank u so much @fizzy79 :grin:

Looks very good, polished. I like the 3D pot of gold animation when you get a jackpot. Unfortunately, I ended up betting my house and lost it to the PlayCanvas casino. Gamblers Anonymous, here I come… :cry:


Haha, thanks terransage! Glad you liked it!

Hi everyone! Just thought I’d share our latest slot machine skin. Still some minor elements missing like sounds, and some further testing required, but figured I’d share it now. Enjoy!

Hey all!

We updated our Alice in Wonderland slot machine to include some additional animations. Enjoy!

Hey everyone! Added sounds and music to our Alice in Wonderland slot machine. Link below:


Wow! That was enjoyable on every level. I kept playing it, forgetting that I have to work on my own project…

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Haha, thanks terransage! Always appreciate the feedback. :slight_smile:

This is really cool! I’ve tweeted a link here.

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Awesome, thanks so much Will! :slight_smile: Glad you like it! We’re almost finished a 3rd one, will post a link when its done.

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