First Person following Camera Path

I want to make a fly through recording of a scene. I did this with no problems following this example:

However, my scene has some things triggered by first person and audio only being audible when the player is in certain locations for example. My first person movement is using this example.

My question is, how can I make the “Player” entity follow the exact same path as the camera so things are triggered when the camera is near?

Thanks for any help!

Should the player and the camera be always on the same position? If yes you could just change up your editor hierarchy and set your player as an child of the entity. another way would be to create an script which copies the position, rotation etc…

Yes, it should follow the same position but things don’t seem to work if I reverse it so the player is a child of the camera rather than the camera as a child of the player. I have tried adding to the Camera Path script to set the same position but the Player entity doesn’t share all the same properties as the Camera and acts very strangely so figured there must be some simpler way. Thanks!

Hi @mnj,

I think you are using the following tutorial? Since you posted the same link twice in your initial post:

That example will animate any entity that you pass to it, that can be your Player entity that can have the camera as a child.

But if you are using the first person movement tutorial, you will have to disable the rigid body on the player entity first. An entity that has a rigid body component is fully controlled by the physics sim, so you can’t override its position using the camera follow example.

Ah yes, I pasted the same link twice but it is indeed the first person movement tutorial as you guessed.

Turning off Rigid Body seems to have done the trick - thank you!!!

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