First Person Camera in new script system

I was trying to make a first person game, and found the tutorial on the website. The problem is that it is built in the Legacy system, trying to run the code in the engine won’t work. I haven’t been able to find anything about how to do it with the new system. Could anyone help me?

Also a little bonus problem; for some reason enabling rigidbody on the character makes it fall through the floor, even though they both have collision components.

U have to set the ground a collision course and rigid body as the player needs a collision course and dynamic rigid body…
As For The Fps Script Take A Look At [

FPS Character Controller | Learn PlayCanvas

If u have anymore questions ur free to ask!
@L_0R3X0 & @crapeyes

The legacy tutorials and documentation are due for removal so the search shouldn’t find them in the future.

The first person camera for the current scripting system can be found here

I’m confused, are the legacy scripts the ones that start with pc.createScript or pc.script.create? Mine was using pc.script.create by default.

All legacy documentation will have ‘legacy’ in the URL. I think it is the one with pc.script.create but I have never used it myself.

Yeah, turns out my project was using legacy script, is there a way to change it?

Nope no way to change it after it is created u would have to make a whole new project then slowly start over by recreating with the 2.0

Oh, well the project wasn’t very far along, so it should be fine to start over.

Do you need help? I will be glad to help out.

Started a new project, there was no option to change the script system, and it still used legacy.

Nevermind, it wasn’t

Ok I was looking for a issue my name is nathan_hawkins