Feedback after 1 year in Playcanvas

Hello guys, i met playcanvas in july 1 year ago, and now after this loooooong year i just wanted to say thank you to all the playcanvas team. You are doing a great work and you have given us a great product to work with. Playcanvas is a bit hard to understand without any knowledge of javascript (oh see what u have discovered lol), but with some little effort and some…ehm no…with a lot of patience…you can do great things. The platform is very stable and the minor problems are fixed really fast by the team. Some time i have thought that the community could be more active, but a lot of ppl, as me, has their work and their projects to develop. So after this year i want to rate you all … 10+ :slight_smile: tnx a lot!!


Aww, thanks @ayrin! It’s nice to get positive feedback like this. We’re glad you’re having fun with PlayCanvas and we promise to keep making it better for you!

you don’t have to thank me @will it’s just the result of your hard work guys. I know sometime people might get tired and discuraged, facing hardship and solving problems every day seems poitless sometime, but it brings to get results, so clench your teeths, u are doing great!

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I second that, Ayrin!

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