[Feature] Substance Designer | Procedural Texturing

Is it possible import SBSAR files (Substance Designer Procedural Compressed Texture, no source)?

It is a very important feature about data downloading.
In this way, users download just few kilobytes and then generate textures on their devices.
This kind of data includes just instructions and functions.
After download, they generate pixel and sample2D textures.

Obviously no benefits on vram (because at the end, procedural texture will be allocated as standard textures) but instead we have less data to download.

For WebApp, size of the assets is much more important then desktop and mobile because we need to have faster application as possibile on download.

Wait for Playcanvas team feedback :slight_smile:


I assume this would require Substance to have a javascript runtime incorporated into PlayCanvas? Maybe better to ask Allegorithmic!

Ok, Thanks for info.

I will proceed to contact them :slight_smile:

Iā€™d love to see a function where one could import sbsar materials and have them converted into playcanvas materials aswell!

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