[Feature] RT Cubemap

Hello guys,

Because of we need to change color and materials in the scene,

Is PlayCanvas able to render Cubemap in real time? We have a real time configurator and we would update reflection cubemap while player is changing material color

This project here demonstrates rendering a realtime cubemap: https://playcanvas.com/project/424223/overview/dynamic-cubemap

Thanks for the link. I was not able to find myself, included RenderTarget in documentation :slight_smile:

Playcanvas RenderTarget support just RGB888? no HDR right?

Hmm, not sure about HDR render targets, @Mr_F?

That’s my project. It totally doesn’t work as far as I’m aware. :wink:

Yes I know.

For example:
Render target face order (angles array) was wrong and face projected on the sphere was projected in wrong way :slight_smile: I need to reorder array.

My main issue is that glossiness doesn’t work :frowning: I’m testing any setting with mipmap, but glossiness was totally excluded …

Any solution? :slight_smile:

Regarding face order, I need to mirror some render target. Any solution to flip horizontally?